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We will work on improving mobility and strengthening which may be causing pain and reduce injuries. Develop power, reduce ground reaction time, and improve performance. Increase overall body conditioning and oxygen threshold.

 I will be making sure you get the perfect balance between training, intensity and recovery. Getting you ready, injury free and rested for your race. 

Show Up Prepared And In Peak Shape, Whether It's Your First 10 K , 50K Or Your Tenth 100 Miler


Why should I be your coach?



Like everything I do, I give my 100% effort, I believe in doing things right.

You will put hundreds of hours and effort into training.

You deserve someone who cares about that process.

My athlete load is between 10-15 athletes so that I can coach you right.

No cookie cutter , copy and paste training programs here.



With 20 ultramarathons and other endurance races done myself and years of experience coaching many athletes, I know how to get it done.

Athletes improve speed, power, endurance, time management within the first 6 months on average.

No tricks, no gimmicks, just results.



I don’t cut corners. Not with beginners, not with improvers, pros, myself, or anyone else.

All coaching includes full communication directly with me and whatever amount of time it takes to get the job done right.

Athletes can reach me day or night, call, text or email.

No juggling spreadsheets or managing multiple accounts.

Flexible Personalised Plans

Direct communication, daily feedback and ongoing support to start or take your training to the next level. Coaching takes theory, science, and personal experience. Your personal plan with give you the structure and mental tools to take you  to the next level. Built to optimise your strengths and work on your weaknesses, built to suit your lifestyle, access to facilities ( gym or home gym) and other considerations you need as a runner.

Plans start from £30 p/ month

Couch to 5 Km 
Performance 5 Km to 10 Km

Half Marathon to Marathon Distance


Start your running journey. This plan will take you from your first walking steps to running. During this time you will develop your strength and conditioning. The objective is to get you in a position to start,  give you the tools to progress and continue your journey.

If you already tackle the distance but are looking to improve your target times, this tailored program will focus in building speed and developing  running economy for best performance. 

Personalised  training plan so you arrive prepared mentally and physically to race day and  crush your goal. Whether you’re looking to run a new personal best time or complete a longer  distance for the first time .

This programme will support your journey to create the perfect balance between strength - conditioning, for a solid base to conquer the long distance avoiding injuries and letting you enjoy the sport and develop sustainable progress. 

Learn how to rest, taper and recover , before and after long efforts /race. 

This plan will take you from where you are now, to race ready so you arrive prepared mentally and physically to race day and  crush your goal. For anything from 50km to 100 millers and beyond,  to Multi-Stage and other Endurance events.

Ultra trail running as a different, requires a new set of skills to tackle difficult terrain, endure extreme weather conditions. 

Specially if you are transitioning from road to trail, there’s more stress on the body and mind. Preparing your joints and brain for quick feet reaction, building brain neuro connections, proprioception and balance. To avoid injuries and allowing to stack steady progress over time. 


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All programs are  created by Tania Carmona

 CIMPSA Level 3 Personal Trainer. 

Registered and Ensured. 

UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach 


Ready to get started or still have some questions?


Fill the contact form below. I will get in touch to arrange a free consultation .


Plans starts at £80 / month. 

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