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Why I don´t post workout videos on FB or instagram

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Last week, one of my clients asked me why I don’t post exercise idea’s on social media. So I thought I’d explain to you all, why I’m actually against it Don’t get me wrong, some of the videos around are from well known trainers, and I do love they are motivating people to be more active and keep their training fun.

However, the amount of squats, lunges and burpee variations I have seen around aren’t going to get you a toned and lean like that trainer. You know why? Because that's is just 1% of their fitness routine, they don't look like that just doing one type of workout, they don't have your genes, or your age or they don't follow the same diet as you.. Also I am pretty sure that program wasn't planed for you, your objectives and your fitness level

Other really important factor why I'm so against it, it's because there is hardly any instruction on how to actually perform the exercises, in a safe and efficient way. No points on form, hardly any instructions of when to squeeze the muscles, what muscles are working, what you should be feeling or assessing the correct posture.

You may think you are doing an exercise correctly, but I can guarantee you are doing at least something wrong.

If I had a pound for every new client that comes in injured cause of following mad exercise videos, overtraining or saying, ‘oh, I’ve been doing that exercise completely wrong, for years'. I'll be writing to inviting you all to my private yatch for a party over the weekend


Invest in a couple of months of personal training, understand the value in looking after your body. Learn the basics, how to squat, lunge and press, with correct posture and form. Trust me, it will be worth your money. You’ll realise how much time you’ve been wasting on exercise apps, taking hundreds of "legs bums and tums class" and how quickly the results come when you are actually learning (and having fun! ) , 1 on 1, with a fitness professional

Train smart, love -T

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