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Is an online group class right for me?

I got asked this last week and even though I'm super happy seeing more and more people getting active, there are implications you should take care of.

I know everyone wants to keep moving or even start a healthier routine during this time. We have seen thousands of free, fun online workouts everywhere, but please remember :

Not all the programs are created equal, if you have a goal in mind - lose weight, run faster, tone up, improve aerobic capacity.. - is important to follow a plan designed for it! With no proper direction your efforts will be wasted and you will be left frustrated without getting your expected results.

If you are a beginner or this will be your first time exercising. It's important to have a proper form to avoid injuries and really optimize each move, it's all about the quality of the workout and not quantity. This is a bit difficult to achieve thru a shared screen with multiple people, where the trainer may not have the proper time or clarity to modify, regress o progress any move that may be not suitable for you.

You are your most important project, invest in yourself, take care of body, avoid injuries, and train smart

Stay safe -Tania X-

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