Fast-track your results with a more personal approach

Personal or Small group

One to One programmes ideal options if you are in the Glasgow City Centre area. 

Both programmes are designed to boost your energy, built up your confidence and achieve any goal you have in mind.

Personal Training One2One




Just you and me! 

Personalized plan, with the perfect balance of strengthening, metabolic and cardio workouts to achieve anything you have in mind. 



  • Full personalized training programme

  • Blocks of 3 intense weeks, fantastic amount of time to make a transformation.

  • DAILY One to One session in Glasgow Green (Inside the Free Wheel North)  

  • ONE to ONE session, my focus will be you 100%, I will be able to pay attention on your form and being able to progress or regress any exercise depending on your habilities right on the spot.(THAT'S 15 PERSONAL SESSIONS - RPP  +£450). 

  • I will walk you through both workbooks after every workout. 

  • Accountability to produce results.

  • Daily motivation from me and support from private group.

  • Defeat mental weakness with daily advice and challenge.

  • Monthly FUN events, guided trail walks, wild swimming and outings

  • Nutritional workbook , where we will calculate the right amount of calories and macros to reach your goals.

  • Add on +£25 consultation and 3 meal plans with certified sports nutritionist. 

Ask for time slots available. Limited spaces are available for this programme.

Body Strengthening & Conditioning Small Group Sessions 

Metabolic workouts

Is a workout strategy to maximize calorie burn both during and after your workout. We will be doing series of compound movements (using more than one muscle group at a time) for a short, intense period. Focusing on strength, muscular endurance, and fitness conditioning, these classes will help to develop a strong and toned physique.


  • Small group 12 pp max. to ensure high quality of training and personalised attention

  • Burn more calories while you work out and at rest

  • We use sandbags, battle ropes, weighted slam balls, adding weight into our trainings helps building muscle faster

  • Complementary home workout videos

  • Nutritional workshop, calculate the right amount of calories and macros to reach your goals.

  • Adaptable to many fitness levels, high and low impact.  

  • Use of equipment and facilities at FreeWheel

(gated and secure playground area, they have fun while you workout and FREE parking)  ​

Format of sessions: 

  • 45 min 

Some sessions will be..

  • Boot camp style


  • Drills, etc...  

Always fun, always challenging, always different!

SMALL GROUP per session, to maintain a personal approach and ensure the best quality of training, Join our the team: 


Date / Time

Tuesday   at 7 pm

Thursday  at 7 pm 

Saturday  at 9 am

Location: Inside Free Wheel North

Templeton St, Glasgow G40 1AT 

TOTAL 15 Sessions

£280 pcm

 Receive over £450 in value !

( £19 Per session) 

TOTAL 12 Sessions


£60 per block


( £5 Per session)