Ideal for busy individuals looking to ramp up their progress.

No more excuses for not having the  time to go to the gym. Ideal for busy moms or busy professionals with a difficult schedule. 

Each program is designed for YOU and YOUR personal objectives, not massive classes with the same program for all, we don't all have the same objectives, same fitness levels or equipment. 

What's the difference?
Workouts like P90X, Peloton, Body systems,.. Etc. Are a great way to sweat, and there's nothing wrong what that

BUT my programmes are built with 3 P's:


Which are KEY for a consistent progress and making a difference between doing just a workout and following a proper programme.


  • Initial consultation

  • Personalized programme with 5 workouts X 4 weeks ( that is 20 personalized sessions!)

  • Videos are recorded for YOU personally by my, showing you each workout and explaining proper technique of each exercise. 

  • Home or gym workouts, as it's a personalized programme we will work with any equipment to have access to. 

  • Easy to follow prerecorded 30 - 45 min workouts, so you can do them on your own time!

  • Accountability to produce results.

  • Daily motivation from me and support from private group.

  • Weekly follow up video call with me

  • Nutrition workshop

15 Personalised Videos



Receive over £380 in value !