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Certificate in Nutrition in Physical Activity, Exercise and Sports and Professor 

Albar Arvizu

I am a passionate scientist in the shoes of a runner. I like to combine the scientific based evidence with a practical recommendation that can adjust to the lifestyle of the client.

EAT TO FUEL YOUR BODY  as part of GET FIT I will be making sure you´ve got the proper nutrition and information so you achieve and maintain your goals. 

I will work hand in hand with Tania creating the perfect plan to fit in your training and your lifestyle.

Consultation via WhatsApp, Full meal plan with 3 menu options 

Get Fit Members £30 

Non- members   £50

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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico City — B.A. Nutrition and Wellness, 2017


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Candidate for the master’s Program in Public Health Education and Promotion Program




  • Nutritionist, Orienta PAE — 2020-2022 Interdisciplinary nutritional assessment for employees at different enterprises.

  • Professor, University YMCA, Mexico City — 2018-2022 Professor at the Bachelor in Sports Science - classes of Biochemistry, Nutritional Assessment and Nutriology. Nutritionist, Private Practice and SABAGE, Queretaro and Mexico City — 2017- Present Nutritional assessment for physically active patients. Nutritional intervention planning for athletic seasons from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Nutritionist, Equilibrio Dinamico, Mexico City — 2017 Nutritional assessment for physically active patients, as well as planning nutritional interventions.

  • Clinical Internship, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán, Mexico City — 2016-2017 Nutritional assessment for hospitalized patients, planning nutritional interventions from an interdisciplinary perspective, speaker in various classes.

  • Clinical Internship, BRIMEX Clinic, Mexico City — 2016 Nutritional assessment for pediatric patient, planning nutritional interventions from an interdisciplinary perspective.



  • Certificate Sport Science, University of Colorado (2021)

  • International Webinars of Sport Nutrition and Sport Science by GSSI (2020)

  • Certificate Practical Guidance For Nutritional Management of Individuals with COVID-19 Infection (2020)

  • Certificate Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam (2020)

  • Certificate in Nutrition in Physical Activity, Exercise and Sports (2017)

  • Level 1 Certified by ISAK (2017)

  • Assessing Newborn Size By Anthropometry (2016)

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