Meet Tania


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Endurance Athlete

Years ago I was challenged by a friend to enter Spartan Race. With zero experience and overweight, it was a huge challenge for me but I managed to finish and I was totally hooked on the sport. After this race, I ran a couple of marathons and decided to try trail running which became my absolute favorite.


It’s been an incredible journey, after finishing +10 ultra-marathons, multiple obstacle races, and swimming challenges, I´ve realized how much worth it this journey has been, not because of the scales or my size, but for the amazing places, views, and people I've met...  I recommend to all the GetFit athletes to take a photo before they start, any program we don't measure progress with scales or measuring tapes, we measure it by how we overcome challenges and achievements. Everything else is just part of the process and it's shown in just a simple photograph.

So, F* the scales and live EPIC and join the team!

Break the cycle and create a lifestyle


I cannot do the hard work for you: you will have to be the one who turns down junk food and pushes hard in the gym. But we can take the guesswork out of your training, making sure your exercise plan is well balanced, and help you to create a food plan that works for you.

Our focus on building new routines, new habits to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Stay away from "fad diets, quick fixes, fastings", if you don't see yourself doing forever or consistently, DON'T do it !!!! Living with restrictions and satanising foods will only lead to an unhealthy balance.

We will learn and work hard to create balance, no restrictions.

On the photo above: Left, living in low calories, shakes and fasting, only lead to living tired, hungry, grumpy fainting .... eventually gave up and gain all the weight and fat back and more! Feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated... Until I found the right balance, a great team of trainers and nutrition, to unleash my true potential. On the right TODAY an ultrarunner, confident in my own body, more energy than ever to conquer any obstacle that life brings, always planning the next adventure. 

Let me help you to find that balance, to truly change your lifestyle forever!

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