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Join a selected group who are truly looking to make a difference in their physical and mental health.

Each program is designed for YOU and YOUR personal objectives, not massive classes with the same program for all, we don't all have the same objectives. 


It's all about quality...not quantity, we will learn how to train, change our mindset and eat smarter in a sustainable way, so we are able to create a lifestyle that we can keep FOREVER.

 FWP Program stands for :

After the program you can expect to feel, 

FREE and more comfortable on your own skin. Moving more and break free from old unhealthy habits.

WILD starting to feel more comfortable with the uncomfortable, doing and achieving even your wildest goals and dreams.

POWERFUL not only physically, but mentally. Challenging yourself everyday strengthening and building a more resilient, stronger mind and body to tackle everyday life obstacles.


Monthly subscription Includes: 

Initial consultation, time to set goals and plans

  • Full personalized training programme

  • 3 One to One LIVE session via video or 3 One to One In Person 

  • No video class with other users, this ONE on ONE class my focus will be you 100%, I will be able to pay attention on your form and being able to progress or regress any exercise depending on your abilities right on the spot.                                                     (that's 20 one to one sessions RPP £300) !!

  • Personalised attention 24/7 Accountability and results

  • Daily motivation from me and support from private group

  • Defeat mental weakness with daily advice and fun challenges.

  • Not everything is sweat and tears, be part of monthly FUN events, guided trail walks, wild swimming and outings. 

  • Limited availability 

20 One2One

virtual sessions

£190 pcm

20 One2One

In Person sessions

£250 pcm

RRP OVER £350 


With professional

Mrs. Brain Trainer​

Full Access to more than 20 monthly sessions with important topics to help you in your journey 

Emotional eating

Overcoming your limiting beliefs

Build self confidence 

And much more...

( RRP £ 60)



With professional sports nutritionist 


Zoom / WhatsApp consultation 

chat with expert nutritionist, 

learn and create together 3 perfect balanced, sustainable and healthy plans to complement your training. 

(RRP £30)